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 Today’s United Way focuses on addressing the underlying causes of community issues – why problems exist. Established in 1957, United Way of Milford directly services members of the community on all economic levels. Our funding makes up the difference between what the services cost and what the client can afford to pay.  

Glorious Recovery Foundation

 Glorious Recovery Foundation is a non-profit organization that unites, encourages and empowers people impacted by alcohol and drug addition to find their way into living a happy, joyous, healthy life by organizing fun events full of love, compassion and support. 

 New Paradigm Theater Company, Inc. is a professional theatre that bridges, elevates, and advances society by synergistically combining Broadway, Film and Television professionals to cultivate today and tomorrow’s creative leaders through experiential learning, leading up to professional productions. 


The Connecticut Burns Care Foundation’s mission is:

  1. To provide financial aid to existing burn care units;
  2. To promote the education of public and professional personnel for burn care treatment;
  3. To promote burn prevention;
  4. To provide financial aid for research on burn care;
  5. To carry on any and all other matters as may relate to burn care.


Seeking a Cure for

Short Bowel Syndrome/Intestinal Failure


The vision of the Bridgeport Regional Business Council in the years ahead is to be the region's premier business organization, one that will work with its membership to create an environment where:

  • Small business is attracted and thrives
  • Communities and organizations are collaborative
  • Identified economic development projects that are part of an overall economic development vision are successful